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Company “Yavir-2000” provides a safety and professional organization of security at the leading banks of Ukraine. We solve important needs: the absolute state of protection of the interests of owners, management and bank’s clients, property and information resources from internal and external threats.

Our solutions at bank security system  include different aspects: protection from the most common threats, control over the conducting of cash transactions; control over the  physical protection of offices, cash halls, access control and technical support for the protection of cash storage to implement access control and day-and-night security of the bank; providing of services of technical means OPS with connecting to centralized monitoring panel  that ensures  security of the bank in out of hours.

Collectors cases.  Sometimes it is more difficult to save but not to make  earnings.  Therefore, the specialists  of  company “Yavir-2000” developed according to  new requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)  new system of bank security – collector’s cases equipped with a number of mechanisms that have attempted embezzlement of funds meaningless.

Sucha special container for  protection of material  properties  is  unique at the security market nowadays. The basis of the electronic system od a case- box  is a device that constantly monitors the state  of box and in the case of unauthorized opening or breaking it,  it instantly triggers the number of mechanisms.

Timing system of mechanisms’s  triggering for protection of the collector’s case is installed by the specialists of company “Yavir-2000” according to requirements of customer.

Provide safety of cash  collection process of Yours banking institutions with the help of new device of our company!

Protective enclosure. It is a ATM’s protecting system against hacking  which was developed  by the engineers of company “Yavir -2000”. Mentioned system provides immediate arrival of RRT (rapid response team) in case of unauthorized  attempt of  ATM hacking.

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