Fire and technogenic protection

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and others.

The company “Yavir-2000” has a perpetual license of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies for works of fire-fighting.

The company “Yavir-2000” performs work of fire prevention and technogenic use under license from the State Department of Fire Safety Ministry of Ukraine. We have our own fire –technogenic monitoring panel with round the clock working  staff.

Our company performs a full range work for planning, installation and technical  maintenance of equipment:

– automatic fire alarm systems;

–  fire alarm systems and evacuation management personnel;

– system of transmission of alarm messages.

For the implementation of the represented type of services we have a staff of more than enough experts in various branches. For qualified work on the planning and installation of automatic fire alarm systems, warning fire systems and evacuation management systems in order to transmit alarm messages we have modern material and technical basis, additionally we got a license for building, permition for  increased danger work, our electrical laboratory was certified. For training and professional development of employees our company has  license from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

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