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and others.

Guard in shifts. Guard in shifts – is a specific method for the protection of enterprises. The main feature of this method is that the clock security to the companies involved officers from other cities and regions of Ukraine. This equipment allows to protect personnel at a high level, excluding the possibility of an agreement with the workers and, consequently, to minimize the theft of the company.

Protection of stationary objects. Protection of objects by company “Yavir-2000″ – is a comprehensive approach, high quality and professional  training of a staff. The maximum effective total solutions for the physical security, depending on the features of Your property, the development of the concept  safety and protection measures!

Protection of oil and gas sector. Unique technical characteristics of systems of development and production company “Yavir – 2000” allow to provide new level of security of oil and gas industry. Oil and gas industry are characterized by slowness large areas of distant objects (oil, deposits and other). Emergencies at these facilities could adversely affect the environment, health and people’s lives. Safety of oil and gas industry  is a question of paramount importance, which is dependent, inter alia, on the use of safety systems.

Escort of cargoes. Company “Yavir – 2000” for more than 20 years  organizes professional escort and protection of goods throughout Ukraine. Thanks to the accumulated experience and professional staff company is able to develop unique methods and schemes of support and protection of any good and also  can prevent and eliminate phishing attempts.

Bodyguard. Company “Yavir – 2000” provides services to ensure the safety of the individual. Our company employs professional certified guards – former employees of the state security services, they have real combat experience. Employees bodyguard with higher education are exemplary physical and fire training. We have individual approach to each customer, trying as much as possible to cooperste effectively with minimum risk and discomfort to the client.

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