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Безымянный-1– is a recognized world leader in video surveillance systems. Company Hikvision was founded in 2001, it has grown from a small organization with a staff of 28 people to a global corporation with more than 9500 employees, including 3000 engineers. Thanks to the largest team of developers and continuous innovation Hikvision product line includes standard and hybrid recorders, video servers, video capture card, IP camera of high resolution and high-speed rotating dome. These products are used in more than 100 countries, providing security throughout the world.

1364296390_495838701_8-Dahua-security-products-– is a leading global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. The range of company’s products includes advanced front-end and server components, software as well as intelligent traffic analysis solutions.

logo– it is a private security enterprise in Ukraine, which is specialized  on  the implementation of security measures at the enterprises of the private and public sector as well as on all kinds of protection of personal property.

logo– is a security company also a developer  of equipment  of series “Lun’”  for security and fire alarm and of  the panel for  central monitoring “Orlan”. These devices are used in more than 280 security companies of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia.

logotype– the main activity of the company is the development, implementation, production and sale of a full range of technical equipment for the construction of the fire alarm, fire extinguishing and smoke removal. Over the years established brands of alarm control panels “VARTA”, intelligent fire detectors of series “PRIME” have been applied to the tens of thousands of different objects. A special pride of the company is targeted fire alarm system, automation and control “VARTA- ADDRESS,” which by its characteristics and capabilities surpasses analogues world-wide leading manufacturers.

tiras_logo– it is one of the leading manufacturers of fire-purpose hardware in Ukraine. The company’s products have ever-increasing demand in the installer’s  means of fire purposes.

75769975d4– the company is focused on the development, production and sales systems, fire alarm systems, cabling and wiring products and accessories for these systems.

logo-large– one of the leading companies in Ukraine and CIS countries, specializing in the production of technical means of fire-alarm systems with more than 30 years of experience in this area.

logo-bg– provides for more than 16 years services in the production and sale of equipment of fire alarm control and associated equipment for fire fighting and alarm systems, as on the territory of Ukraine as an abroad.

logo_gamma– the main activity of the company is a wholesale and retail of electronic components and related products.

logo– at the present time the company is engaged in delivery of SEA to Ukraine of electronic components, LED products and optoelectronics, power supplies, electrical products, equipment for the energy, industrial computers, measuring instruments, soldering equipment and wireless components.

pixture_reloaded_logo– are the systems of  access control and of working hours from manufacturer.

secur_logo– group of Companies “Secur” is working in Ukraine since 2008. Area of activity – is security system. At presens it is developing  in the following areas: retail sale of security systems, wholesale of security systems, delivery of security systems, development and production of security systems, installation and configuration of security systems.

logo– company provides quality services for the planning, installation and maintenance of security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance and access control.

logo (1)– technical company specialized in the develpoing, installation, maintenance of access control systems (ACS, ACGS), integrated with the systems of video surveillance (video recording) on the territory of enterprises (organizations, institutions) and the operation of the equipment, remote locations (free-standing buildings, substations, pipelines etc.), as well as fire protection systems, and perimeter security.

logo (2)– develops and manufactures electronics since 1996. Behind experience in the field of metrology, industrial automation, monitoring systems, security and access control, as well as various auxiliary electronics for various applications.

GK_logo– company offers customers a wide range of automatic fire extinguishing systems, this the range is constantly updated. The production base and qualified personnel allows to produce and implement active fire fighting systems of any complexity.

vellez_logo_va1– today research and production enterprise “Electric appliance” has a full cycle of development and production of high-quality budget equipment alarm, a leading broadcast loud and special communications.

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