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and others.

Alarm security system. Alarm security is a reliable way to protect property from looters and sometimes health and even customer’s life. Specialists of Technical department of “Yavir-2000” are experienced in installation and maintenance of alarm systems  which guarantees high quality and reliability of our services. A wide range of offered products provides a choice of technical devices for any individual object.

Video surveillance systems. The specialists of “Yavir-2000” engaged in planning, installation and servicing of the systems that allow for video surveillance based on modern equipment from leading manufacturers.

ACS. Access control systems are designed to provide an authorized pass into the rooms which are under protection, access control to buildings, transportation and registration of visitors and preventing unauthorized access.

SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Applying to company “Yavir-2000”, You can get an expert advice on security systems. Construction and repair department: installers and  electronics of our company have many years of invaluable experience in installation and maintenance of security systems. Working  staff differs with extremely high accuracy, honesty and high professionalism. All projects are created on high level of engineering literacy, electronics engineers can service and repair security systems of any complexity. Thanks to timely preventive measures we can avoid any failures in the security system and thus prevent possible damage.

DETECTION OF UNAUTHORIZED WIRETAPPING/ VIDEO SURVEILLANCE. For all the well-known fact that the one who owns the information – owns the world, especially in our modern information age. It is therefore not surprising that today in many offices, homes, apartments and even cars can be found wiretaps. And if You have something to hide, be sure there is always someone who wants to know this secret information. Therefore, one of the company’s “Yavir-2000” service is to detect listening devices. Therefore, if You do not have accurate information, but there is reason to suspect that there are unwanted witnesses of Your secret dialogues, we recommend to protect Yourself and carry out such action as checking the premises for unauthorized wiretapping systems and video surveillance.

Unfortunately, modern technology makes such detection devices installed attackers, heavy and almost impossible without special equipment and knowledge.

Our experts know how to find the tipster!

Polygraph services. Most polygraph is used for official investigations. As it is used in our country and all over the world, and Ukraine is a leader in this field. When You need to find out the cause of conflict and expose all persons involved in the incident. Many companies have already made to periodically test employees who have access to material values ​​or classified information.

Polygraph also apply to employees who have many subordinates, giving them more power. Sometimes due to the impact head afraid to tell a simple servant of tyranny management. Therefore polygraph test better than other techniques will reveal a colleague who abuses his official position.

The company “Yavir-2000” conduct testing with professional computerized polygraph “Chris” which is a unique compatibility of technical data, making it possible to detect the hidden by person information in the course of internal investigations of abuse of official position and theft of organizations and checking staff in personnel policy. And also it is maken by computer polygraph Lafayette LH4000 – the best and most popular in the world lie detector (capable to record simultaneously changes in several physiological variables while the subject is as a series of questions pertaining to a specific issue under investigation). Entries (charts) obtained during a polygraph examination are interpreted by a polygraph examiner. Topics  of examination the customer can choose himrself.

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