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We are the group of companies “Yavir-2000” – a recognized leader in security services of Ukraine with 20 years of experience in the security industry, providing industry-specific and comprehensive services for the physical, technical, information, banking, fire and technological safety in all regions of the country on the basis of common quality standards.

24 hours per day, 365 days a year well-coordinated team of professionals “Yavir -2000” work hard to make our customers feel in completesafety, and their property is under protection.

Company “Yavir -2000” has a centralized network of branch offices and 100 rapid response teams at more than 44 cities of Ukraine.

The number of clients who have entrusted us the protection of their property exceeds 19,000 (more than 16,000 are under the technical security and about 3,000 are under physical security).

In 2015 the company “Yavir – 2000” was awarded the “Industry Leader 2015” in National Business rating of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine for its significant contribution to the development of the security industry and the economy of Ukraine in general, adhering to the highest standards of social protection for employees, introducing advanced technology and creating an image of Ukraine as a legal economically developed country.

Лидер галузи

The award “Industry Leader 2015” – it is the best indicator that the company retains its positions in the Ukrainian market of security services and continues to evolve.

Our clients are companies, government organizations and people who need services to ensure the safety of property, money, protection of customers and staff.
With years of experience in the security services, a good awareness of our company brand, the ability to optimize the expenses of the customer due to the introduction of integrated solutions, the presence of a quality control system and the ability to provide services in any region of the country, we have:

  • A tam of professionals united by a common purpose and shared values to make everything possible and impossible to reach them.
  • We set high standards and offer customers the best and optimum business decisions.
  • We develop the company’s ability to meet industry-specific needs of customers.
  • We develop and implement a scalable business model of integrated security services in the regions of presence of company.

Company “Yavir-2000” is a member of UFSP (Ukrainian Federation of Security Professionals) –it is the oldest Ukrainian Federation on security branch market and an active member of the International Association of ESBOC – European Club security alliance composed at UFSP.

We do not promise what can not perform and appreciate the people who work for us. We get rid of excessive conservatism and bureaucracy, impulsive decision-making and strive to take into account each other’s interests.

Choosing us, You have a reliable partners!

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